Washing hair with a conditioner. What is CWC method all about?

Nowadays, CWC method is getting more and more popular among hair maniacs and those women who like to experiment a little with haircare. What is all the fuss about? What are the advantages of this method? Are there any disadvantages? Who is it for? Keep reading and you will find all the answers you are looking for.

CWC – what exactly is it?

Unveiling that secret name should help a little with understanding what the method is about. Basically CWC describes a method of washing your hair. CWC – Condition – Wash – Condition. It is nothing else than just washing your hair in stages. Firstly, you apply your conditioner, then wash your hair and then condition again.

CWC – how to do it properly?

Condition – Wash – Condition method in effective only when done the right way. On slightly damp hair apply evenly a hair conditioner of your preference. Then massage your hair and rinse it out. Because of the fact that the conditioner is thicker than any shampoo, the application process my take a little longer. Next, wash your hair with your favourite shampoo and rinse it well. As the last step apply a conditioner again ( could be applied only on the ends). Rinse everything and your CWC method is done.

CWC – who is it for?

Washing your hair in stages will not satisfy everyone. The best results will be achieved by the owners of curly hair, extremely damaged hair caused by styling tools, dry hair or greasy hair and people with sensitive scalp. However, even if your hair is different than the ones listed above, feel free to try out this method with different combinations of conditioners.

CWC – what kind of conditioner?

Not every conditioner is suitable for washing your hair. It is worth searching for the kind of conditioner that contains active substances (chlorides) at the beginning of the ingredient list. They make the conditioner lather easier. Try to avoid the ones with high amount of oils or butters – those are better to use as C number 2 so after washing your hair.

CWC – any advantages?

First of all, applying conditioner to your hair before washing them prevents your scalp from strong irritating substances occurring in shampoos, so the risk of drying your scalp is reduced. Additional benefits of using this method are visible on the hair straight away. It improves the curls, smooths hair, softens, hydrates and eliminates the problems with frizzy or static hair.

CWC – any disadvantages?

Probably the biggest disadvantage of using CWC method is the need to wash your hair twice, firstly with the conditioner and then with the shampoo. Using big amounts of any hair conditioner too often can make your hair look flat. This is why it is necessary to exfoliate your scalp with a scrub or even washing your head with a stronger shampoo every two weeks. Finally, the bigger amount of products used and the time spent on washing your hair in stages may be a disadvantage for people who value their time and money.